We draw heavy inspiration from varying cultures, to architecture, aesthetics, and beyond. We are a ready to wear street wear brand based in Amsterdam Netherlands. 


A love for complimentary colors and themed releases is what ultimately sets us apart from all the rest.



Art, Life and Balance is our soul - inspiration, skill and technique is our body.

Entering into a strong partnership with the best manufacturers in the business was our first step and the cornerstone of the brand.

We work with only the highest level of craftsmen to deliver superior feeling garments and lasting pieces. Quality and production control are two of the most important factors for us.

We believe that sustainable clothing is the only way forward, and ensure that all our pieces are made in an eco-friendly environment where our workers are paid fairly for the amazing job that they do.


Our manufacturing control process is second to none - it's long - and we like it that way. Every piece that is produced has been done so with the ultimate in care and attention, ensuring that the first is just like the last.

We go even further in blending the finest fabrics and finishing techniques available today in perfect harmony to create pieces that ultimately define next generation quality.


Stepping away from conventional thinking we aim to challenge perceived luxury and revitalize a love for creating garments that go beyond hype and fast fashion.

Our pieces bridge the gap between a new, contemporary and progressive designs.